Seed Library

The Seed Library


2015 is the year the Sonora Seed Library became a reality. Thanks to volunteers from the Master Gardeners, and the support of the local county library, FoCuS has opened its doors to citizens who would like to help build a collection of flower and vegetable seeds adapted to our dry Sierra foothill climate.

    The library was able to get people started in the seed saving project because FoCuS supplied all the seeds for anyone to begin growing and harvesting their own seeds. Volunteers briefly educate participants, who can acquire up to 3 seed packets Saturday mornings at the county library facility on Greenley Road, Sonora. Once seeds are planted, the plants are allowed to complete their life cycle by setting the next generation of seeds, which are then gathered by individuals, labelled and returned to the library. Everyone is encouraged to keep plenty of seeds for their own use next year, and for sharing with neighbors.

We have begun this first year with seeds that do not cross pollinate with other varieties that might be growing nearby. Next year we will learn more about methods of isolation of plants as seeds begin to form so we can all be sure the seeds returned to the library are the same variety as those given out. Through the years our community will have drought tolerant, very hardy little plants!  They will adapt to our climate and soils and we will never be without the ability to grow out more food and more seeds.