ANISE: Annual licorice-tasting herb used to aid digestion or help relieve coughs. Also used to flavor foods. Direct sow in full to partial sun in well-drained soil. 18”-24”.

BASIL: Annual used to flavor many dishes and veggies. Main ingredient in pesto.

  Genovese: Authentic Italian basil flavor, green leaves. Cut and come again bushy habit.

  Purple Ruffles: Lovely dark ruffled leaves, great for garnishes, good flavor.

GERMAN CHAMOMILE: Annual with small daisy-like flowers which can be dried and used for tea. Low bush about a foot high.

CHERVIL: Annual. Delicate leaf with a delicate licorice flavor. Use raw in salads, on veggies, or to flavor fish and poultry. Direct sow in cool months in moist semi-shaded spot.

CHIVES: Perennial. Grass-like leaves used raw to give dishes with a light onion flavor. Purple blossoms.

GARLIC CHIVES: Perennial. A flatter leaf with mild garlic flavor. White blossoms.

CORIANDER/CILANTRO: Annual. The seed is coriander, the leaf cilantro. Seeds used often in Indian dishes. Leaves are common in salsa. Medicinally used to relieve stomach problems. Cool weather crop and will grow here all winter. Direct seed in September or early spring.

DILL: Annual. Both leaves and seeds are used for flavoring veggies or to make pickles. Likes full sun but cooler temperatures.

  Bouquet: Larger seed heads but still has good leaf production.

  Dukat: Mostly for leaf production. Both are great varieties.

LAVENDER: Vera. Perennial. Heirloom English Lavender Known for its sweetly fragrant oil, dark lavender-blue flower spikes and compact growth habit. Loves gritty soil and full sun. Drought tolerant.

LEMON BALM: Perennial. Fresh leaves for tea and salad. Easy to grow and reseeds prolifically.

MARJORAM: Perennial. Flavor similar to oregano. low-growing herb.

PARSLEY: Biennial (flowers the second year). Cold stratify by placing seeds in sand or soil in a plastic bag and leaving in the fridge two weeks or even the freezer a few days.

  Flat leaf: Grows 20” high with large flat leaves and excellent flavor.

  Moss curled: low growing parsley often used as garnish Good flavor.

SUMMER SAVORY: Annual. Slight peppery flavor often used in beans or on meats. 12”-18”. 

THYME: Perennial. Bushy ground cover up to 12” high. Great flavor used fresh or cooked.