Seed Groups

Every seed group is part of the larger sunflower called Foothill Collaborative for Sustainability (FoCuS)

In 2006, FoCuS became a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit, whose vision provided the mechanisms for our communities to bring about social, economic, and environmental health to our region. Seed groups operate independently and their core values and mission align with that of FoCuS: education groups and individuals about community self-reliance, creating mutual well-being for all; while developing its own vision and strategic goals, objectives, actions and projects.

Seed Groups do not have nonprofit status but they do fit nicely under the FoCuS nonprofit umbrella. From a business perspective this allows them to accept tax-deductible donations, align with the FoCuS group insurance, and receive monthly bookkeeping reports, among other advantages.

The term “Seed Group” originated from the concept of FoCuS acting as the mother plant and the groups under the nonprofit were free to grow as seeds on their own. Initial areas of interest were agriculture/food, energy/shelter, health and well-being, land use and planning, ecological building, and emergency preparedness. Some areas of interest drew enough attention to form seed groups that organized and took action.

Our current active Seed Groups and their websites are listed below. All align with the FoCuS vision to further improve the quality of life for our foothill region.

Meet our Seed Groups

Arnold Rim Trail Association
Sierra Foothill Beekkeepers Association
The Refuge

Does your organization help to educate community members toward the goal of greater self-reliance and well-being?