Seed Share Event

It all starts with the seeds. Local farmers, gardeners, and seed savers share the same desire to have high-quality open-pollinated seeds that are adaptable to the Sierra foothill region. So it is that every February for over a decade FoCuS sponsors an event with our collaborative partners, the Master Gardeners, for the locals to share or purchase seeds. The seeds for purchase are ordered in bulk and volunteers repackage them into coin envelopes available to the public for a very reasonable donation. Attendees of the event can also listen to educational talks about permaculture, gardening tips, starting seeds, and more.

Because our area has been in severe drought for several years we also discuss water conservation methods such as mulching, drip systems, gardening on contour, and permaculture concepts like Hugelkulturs. Any gardening questions, or questions about seeds for our area, can be answered by qualified green thumbers at our event. If you want to be in charge of your own food quality, it’s time to get your garden going!

Seed Share News

Our event was held on February 17, 2024. Many people attended and left with great seeds and hopefully useful information. Access Tuolumne filmed the speakers, and if you weren’t able to hear or missed some of the speakers, we have the lectures posted in the links below

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